Patient Responsibility

While you are a patient at CareSouth, your responsibilities include the following:

You have the responsibility

  • To keep all scheduled appointments with your provider and other specialist(s).
  • To give a detailed and honest history of your entire family. This means, bring required medical documentation.
  • To give an update of any changes in your health during each visit.
  • To tell us about any changes that may affect your health information such as a new address, telephone numbers, emergency contact information, marriage, etc.
  • To ask questions about your health and take an active role in your care.
  • To take all medications prescribed as directed by your provider and give information about all medications, including over the counter medications and herbal supplements or vitamins that you are taking. Know what the medications are for and how to use them. Ask questions as needed!
  • To discuss and be involved in your treatment plan with your provider, follow orders as given. Ask questions!
  • To call your provider first with medical problems, unless it is a medical emergency.
  • To avoid using the Emergency Room for non-serious health situations. Instead, use CareSouth after hours or Urgent Care Centers.
  • To report any emergency treatment within 48 hours to your Provider. Remember to bring any medical documentation to you next appointment.